Çubuklu 29

Çubuklu 29 is located on the waterfront in Çubuklu on the Asian side of the city affording a spectacular view of the Bosporus strait and European shoreline.

Çubuklu 29 became an Istanbul classic and a popular and preferred spot particularly for weddings as well as all sorts of other kinds of special events.

Çubuklu 29 are a step ahead of the competition due to the overall ambiance and refined quality of the services offered – from the food and drink prepared and served by the skilled kitchen and wait staff to the spectacular Bosporus waterfront location and music alternatives.

Çubuklu 29 has a sophisticated state-of-the art surround sound system that minimizes the exterior noise by containing the sound onto the dance floors.

Contact Info
Barbaros caddesi No: 22
Çubuklu-Beykoz İstanbul
+90 216 3222829
+90 216 3313978